Maine Coon Kitten (N) Big Kitty Sophie

Sex: Female
Date of birth: 12.10.2016
Color: d 22 red classic tabby
Other: HCM N/N, PKdef N/N, SMA N/N


White Rock's Silverlight ds 22 Lauser vom Burgfels d 22 CH CoonyhamHayward n 09 22
Willowplace Savanna fs 22
White Rock's Aleshanne gs 09 22 CH White Rock's Oliver Twist as
CH Catnoox Lara Croft fs 09 22
(N) Big Kitty Emmie (N) Big Kitty Biker n 09 22 CH (N) Big Kitty Rambo d 09 22
IC (N) Big Kitty Heaven's Miracle n
(N) Big Kitty Ally gs 23 (N) Big Kitty Godfather d
Dances with Woolves Blue Pearl gs 23
Cybercoon (N) Big Kitty Sophie 25000