Maine Coon Kitten Wasabee of CaDazz

Sex: Female
Date of birth: 2.12.2015
Color: n 09 22
Other: HCM N/N, PKdef N/N, SMA N/N


Кошка Мейн Кун Wasabee of CaDazz


IC Sunyboy of Koi Pond MCO n 0922 GrEurCh Number One of Koi Pond MCO n22 TICA World Ch Wiullowplace Number One MCO n SGC Magacoon Rocking Cyrus n23
Willowplace Love Potion n22
Ch Tiger Girl of Koi Pond MCO n 22 Jerry of Koi Pond n 0922
IntCh Emmely of Koi Pond n 22
Vivian of Koi Pond MCO n 0922 Antonio vom Schloss Schwante MCO ns 0922 GrIntCh Jasper of Koi Pond d 0922
Niagara of Sun Christbal's Care ns 23
Itsy-Bitsy of Koi Pond MCO n 0922 Tica World Ch Willowplace Number One n 22
IntCh Highlight of Koi Pond n 0922
Olympia Via of CaDazz*SK MCO fs 09 I'Ron of CaDazz*SK MCO e 09 25 Ch Bloomingtree Status Quo MCO ns 25 Ch Stoerkanals Ramazotti as
Ch Bloomingtree Morning Star ns 25
Ch extra Beauty of CaDazz,SK MCO g0964 SC Pillowtalk's King Creole as 03
IC Usambara of Baydar g 0263
DK CountryCat's Runaway Dreams MCO ns 0322 Wild-Obsessions Jerry Sailor MCO n 23 Wild-Obsessions Watchman n 24
Xena Vitorones Coons n22
DK Boromir Best Friend Forever MCO ns 0322 DK Timita's Nemo ns 0922
DK Boromir Hope f 0922
Cybercoon Wasabee of CaDazz

Кошка Мейн Кун Wasabee of CaDazz