Maine Coon Kitten CH Langstteich's P' Bel'McDash

Sex: Male
Date of birth: April 16 2016
Color: ds 03 red smoke with white
Other: HCM N/N, SMA N/N


Langstteich's Nu'Paparazzi ns 22 03 Langstteich's Nu'Merus ns 22 Langstteich's Es'Number One d 22 Langstteich's DD'Esperanto n 22
Langstteich's Non'Stop f 22
Langstteich's H'Genoveva ns 22 Langstteich's P'Wild Blue Hurricane as
Langstteich's K'Excuse Me f 22
Respectcoon X'Pandora n 02 Goldjasmine Undercover n 22 03 Goldjasmine Lord d 02
Goldjasmine Fortuna n 22
Langstteich's Nu'Trinity f 22 03 Langstteich's Es'Number One d 22
Langstteich's N'Quickstep fs 03
LAANGSTTEICH's S'Bella Valencia gs Justcoons Keep Smiling e 03 Aloa's Nifty Wolf as CH Allycoon's Bright Star es
Mountaineer's Wannaway Jezebel f 22
Tojo Polaris Laura Pausini g 22 03 EC Dotcom Marmaduke d 09 22
Tojo Polaris Annie Lennox n 22
Langstteich's Bella-Fantastica a Langstteich's P'Non Plus Ultra as Langstteich's CC.O'Predicat as
H.T. Exclusiv Atlantica gs
Langstteich's P'Salsa g Langstteich's CC.O'Predicat as
Pillowtalk's Showgirl n 22 03
Cybercoon CH Langstteich's P' Bel'McDash 25000