We may ship our kittens almost anywhere in the world. To send the animal, we will prepare the following documents: a veterinary passport, sales contract, health certificate from the state veterinary clinic. The animal is sent at the age of not less than 12 weeks (depending on a destination point it may be older), all necessary vaccinations to this age will be delivered including vaccination against rabies. If the animal is castrated or spayed according to the contract, it will pass the necessary adaptation period before shipment.

  • The delivery of the animal is carried out by major airlines.
  • The cost of delivery consists of the price of the airline  plus the cost of carrying bags - the cost of such a bag usually does not exceed 50-70 dollars. These bags should meet the requirements of animal transportation and is a compulsory requirement of any airline.
  • Before you reserve a kitten, you should contact us by e-mail with a request to calculate the cost of transportation to your destination, a request for calculation can be made by email which you can find in the contacts. In your request, you must specify the desired delivery city, country, as well as state or region.
  • After we receive your request, we need one day to three days to choose the right airline and ask it for transportation quotes. We use large and reliable airlines such as Aeroflot Russian Airlines or Lufthansa or KLM Air France, however, depending on the specifics of the transportation, we can use another airline.
  • As soon as we receive the price and the possible date of dispatch, we will notify you immediately.
  • If you are satisfied with the conditions and the price, you can pay a deposit for the kitten - deposit is mandatory for reservation (the amount of the deposit is individual for each kitten ).
  • Full payment for  the kitten and delivery is paid before sending the kitten to the buyer.
  • Payments can be made by credit card or by transfer to an account or by transfer to a PayPal account. In some cases it is possible to pay cash in person.
  • When transporting abroad, all animals will be chipped, you do not need to pay for the chipping procedure.
  • In the case of a long flight or non direct flight, the animal will be fed and watered at the stopping place. Usually, we do not feed the animal before shipment, since a hungry animal better tolerates the road, it does not affect the health of the kitten.

For clarification of any questions regarding sending, you can contact us by email cybercoonolga@gmail.com or WhatsApp / Viber +7 (916) 609-40-81.

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