It is pretty easy to buy a Maine Coon kitten on

To get started, you need to choose a kitten found on the   Our kittens page.

This page contains photos of its parents and pictures of all other kittens. You will also see the status of a kitten. There exist the following statuses –  Free Reserve or Sold.

Only a kitten with an – « Available»  status is available for purchase. After choosing a kitten, just send us a request:: 

Also, you can use the  « Send Request » - button on the kitten’s page.

Usually, we post many photos for each kitten. These photos will allow you to get an idea of the kitten, see its pattern, and its fur color.

Please visit for more information about how the make a request, purchase a kitten, delivery conditions, and what documents you will get after the purchase.

We deliver anywhere in Russia, CIS, and throughout the world.