Cybercoon Enigma

Sex: Female
Date of birth: 02.04.2014
Color: brown classic torbie (f22)
Other: HCM N/N; FECV negative; FeLV negative


Кошка Мейн Кун Cybercoon Enigma


GICH Cybercoon Johnny Depp MCO d ICh (TICA, WCF, МФА) Justcoons Royal Lochnagar MCO n Justcoons Ruba Cuore MCO d Borneo Des Shags of Saskatoon MCO n 22
Justcoons Al Hambra MCO d
Benita of Forest Shadows MCO f 22 Lowriders Daywalker MCO a 22 03
King of Lion`s Nevada MCO ds 22
GICH N*Big Kitty Wild Beauty MCO f 22 ICH DK*Sebasco’s Fogerty MCO e 22 WW’01’00’98&EC Guldfakse’sChiefTwoMoons d23
CH DK*Olmocabe’s Galilae f 0922
CH S*Lindevoll’s Yanna MCO n 23 (IND)Gimlets Pictor n23
S*Lindevoll’s Joy n22
Dynamicats Magna PP Star MCO fs 22 NL*Dynamicats PP FireWorks MCO d 22 CH Dynamicats August Rush MCO d 22 ICH StoneOcean Natchez n22
Love Hulen’s Sugababes f
Kumskaka April PP Fools MCO f 22 Coonplay Theodan King d
Kumskaka I’ll Join TheRocks ns21
Dynamicats The Finish Line MCO ns 09 22 Wistariantale Snow Patrol MCO w 64 SGC Williamina Genji ns 0922
Wistariantale Sistina w64
Gardian Coon’s Evita MCO ns 22 Sarafina’s Rapidash n23
IC Guardian Coon’s Biloxi Bleu’s fs0922