Maine Coon Kitten Dynamicats Magna PP Star

Sex: Female
Date of birth: 1.01.2013
Color: fs 2209
Other: HCM Clear-Animal DNA Laboratory (Australia); FECV negative; FeLV negative


Мейн Кун Dynamicats Magna PP Star


NL*Dynamicats PP FireWorks MCO d 22 CH Dynamicats August Rush MCO d 22 ICH StoneOcean Natchez MCO n22
Love Hulen’s Sugababes MCO f
Kumskaka April PP Fools MCO f 22 Coonplay Theodan King MCO d
Kumskaka I’ll Join TheRocks MCO ns21
Dynamicats The Finish Line MCO ns 09 22 Wistariantale Snow Patrol MCO w 64 SGC Williamina Genji MCO ns 0922
Wistariantale Sistina MCO w64
Gardian Coon’s Evita MCO ns 22 Sarafina’s Rapidash MCO n23
IC Guardian Coon’s Biloxi Bleu’s MCO fs0922
Cybercoon Dynamicats Magna PP Star

Мейн Кун Dynamicats Magna PP Star